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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Natalie's First Review

Demon Glass
By Rachel Hawkins
Reviewed by Natalie Carrier

Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins takes place in both Georgia (the one in the United States) at a school for witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and demons and in England, during the hot summer. Sophie, a demon girl, travels with her father, her best friend and vampire, Jenna, along with a Warlock named Cal to England for a summer. Former crush, Archer Cross, now a known enemy of Sophie and her group of friends and family, has been told to be around the same area. When Sophie arrives in England, she finds out that she and her father are not the last demons left in the world. People have been raising demons illegally. The demons owners can then control demons and use them as weapons.

A few weeks after Sophie arrives in England, she finds herself in danger. She is then saved by Archer Cross. When she and Archer want to be together, she puts her family, friends and prearranged marriage to friend Alexander Callahan at risk. When Archer comes into the story Sophie doesn’t know whether to be with the person she’s supposed to marry or the enemy who she’s in love with.

Archer and Sophie then set out to find who’s raising the demons and what happened to their former dark witch friends Chaston and Anna. While on their journeys, Sophie and Archer find things out about their school and what’s going on that they couldn’t even possibly imagine. They then discover that people they thought were friends, really were their enemies.

What I like about this book is that Hawkins really had me feel like I was really there. Rachel Hawkins describes things such as the house in relationship to things that people reading the book could relate with, for example, she wrote, “Although, calling it a house was like calling the Mona Lisa a painting” (Hawkins 36). That gives me a good description that the house is supposed to be extremely large. The setting of the house, and the background, was very good. She gave me a vivid image of what the house is supposed to look like, with its, “golden-colored stone that looks warm to the touch” (Hawkins 36). At the beginning when Hawkins describes Hecate Hall, I can definitely see the difference between the atmosphere of Hecate Hall and Thorne Abbey.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Demon Glass is a book that kept me wondering what was going to happen next. It is a suspenseful book with a romantic twist of who Sophie’s supposed to fall in love with and who she falls in love with. Its also a book about family and friends, and what’s best for both Sophie, and her family. This book sets itself apart from other fantasy high school books I find because Sophie’s crush, Archer, wants to kill her and she loves him anyway, or so she thought. I recommend this book to people who do enjoy romance books as well fantasy. I must admit, though, that this book does come to an unexpected, abrupt ending. It’s a good way, I find, to bridge into the next book of the series which is suspected to be coming out some time next year.

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