what you see when out to sea

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Season

Stephen King's "The Body" has received a lot of love over the years.  Four damaged, 12-year-old boys head out in search of a peer's corpse.  Vern Tessio's older brother spied it beside the railroad tracks in the next town over from Castle Rock.  The quartet undertake a shortened hero's quest, though for Gordon "Gordie" LaChance, now a reflective, middle-aged writer, the experience defined that period in his life we now refer to as the "tweener" years.  It was a peak for the early, formative friendships that defined his 12th summer.  On that hike along the Western Maine rails, Gordie also began to discover what set him apart from his crew.

From time to time, in the next few weeks, our Themes class will respond to a variety of prompts regarding this book and the film "Stand By Me."